[Video #4] Healing listeners through your songwriting

Music has helped the musician and the listener cope with the challenges of life. We have all turned to music when experiencing some kind of hardship. Whether that be a break-up, death of a family member, or struggling with depression.

In this video, you will learn how writing music not only helps the listener connect and rely solely on your music as a source of support, you can use it to help you experience healing from the pains of life.

You can use your pain to help others and yourself by pouring your pain into your songwriting. You will see in this video how I took the most painful experience in my life and how I used it as fuel to create life-saving music!

Healing is the best gift you could give to your listeners. By being vulnerable in your songs allows people to turn into life-long fans of your music. This is the dream.

What are your thoughts and feelings with healing through songwriting.

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