5 Steps to Writing any song

Last week, I sent out a survey to songwriter's to ask them their top 2 questions when it came to songwriting. The responses I got were amazing.

We got so many questions about the process of songwriting, easy ways to write catchy lyrics, removing writers block, and writing music that, ultimately, get listeners hooked to your songs were the themes I found in the questions you sent me.

Rather than try and answer all those questions via email, I decided to just go ahead and shoot a video. This video walks you through how to write songs instantly in only 5 steps.

The best part about this is you don't need to have any music theory or have been trained musically to start seeing success with your songwriting to use what I share. 

Click the video below to learn more on these 5 steps. 

Comment below why you are doing songwriting and how your life would look like if you didn’t struggle with any writer’s block.


Mitchell Dyer

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